We help charities, NGO’s  and other non-profit organizations to better results. Whether you are seeking donations, recruitment of volunteers, or need help promoting your commercial activities or collections.  Or if you want your general communications to address a wider audience, your membership numbers to rise or your brand awareness to be lifted. We help you to better results.
We are primarily aimed at small to medium-sized organizations seeking support for communication and promotion.

Make the most of all the benefits for charities, NGO’s and non-profits.
Did you know that large companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and many other multinationals, have free products and services available to non-profit organizations? And that you as a small organization can benefit from this as well?
Complicated? Not at all! We will arrange it for you and only when we succeed, you pay us.

A free online advertisement campaign of US$ 10.000,- to spend every month, arranged, executed to your specifications for only € 99 or € 199,-per month. Month after month. How does that sound?
We aim to provide you with a handsome online communication and promotion budget. And you pay us only if we manage to do so. US$ 10.000,- free communication budget, and we will arrange and execute  it all for you for just € 99,- or € 199,- per month.

In addition, there are various other non-profit benefits we can request for you. How about a Microsoft Office license for 10% of the regular price? Top hardware with 75% discount?

Interested? Call or e-mail Erik Blokpoel and we will tell you if your organisation qualifies for all these benefits for free.
+31 (0)6 11 343 669 or email info@grantresults.nl